Known Issues#

  1. Drawing of images and animations doesn’t work completely well with Python for Windows (tested in Windows Terminal and MinTTY).

    • Description: Some lines of the image seem to extend beyond the number of columns that they should normally occupy by one or two columns.

      This behaviour causes animations to go bizarre when lines extend beyond the width of the terminal emulator.

    • Comment: First of all, the issue seems to caused by the layer between Python and the terminal emulators (i.e the PTY implementation in use) which “consumes” the escape sequences used to display images.

      It is neither a fault of this library nor of the terminal emulators, as drawing of images and animations works properly with WSL within Windows Terminal.

    • Solution: A workaround is to leave some columns between the right edge of the image and the right edge of the terminal.

  2. Animations with the kitty render style on the Kitty terminal emulator might be glitchy for some images with high resolution and size and/or sparse color distribution.

    • Description: When the LINES render method is used, lines of the image might intermittently disappear. When the WHOLE render method is used, the entire image might intermitently disappear.

    • Comment: This is due to the fact that drawing each frame requires clearing the previous frame off the screen, since the terminal would otherwise blend subsequent frames. Not clearing previous frames would break transparent animations and result in a performance lag that gets worse over time.

    • Solution: Plans are in motion to implement support for native animations i.e utilizing the animation features provided by the protocol (See #40).