The latest stable version can be installed from PyPI using pip:

pip install term-image

The development version can be installed thus:

NOTE: it’s recommended to install in an isolated virtual environment, can be created by any means.

Clone the repository,

git clone

then navigate into the local repository

cd term-image

and run

pip install .

Supported Terminal Emulators

Some terminals emulators that have been tested to meet the requirements for at least one render style include:

  • libvte-based terminal emulators such as:

    • Gnome Terminal

    • Terminator

    • Tilix

  • Kitty

  • Konsole

  • iTerm2

  • WezTerm

  • Alacritty

  • Windows Terminal

  • MinTTY (on Windows)

  • Termux (on Android)

For style-specific support, see the descriptions of the respective Image Classes or the Render Styles section towards the bottom of the command-line help text (i.e the output of term-image --help).


If you’ve tested term-image on any other terminal emulator that meets all requirements, please mention the name in a new thread under this discussion.

Also, if you’re having an issue with terminal support, you may report or check information about it in the discussion linked above.


Some terminal emulators support 24-bit color escape sequences but have a 256-color pallete. This will limit color reproduction.