• Operating System: Unix / Linux / MacOS X / Windows (partial support, see the FAQs)

  • Python >= 3.7

  • A terminal emulator with full Unicode support and ANSI 24-bit color support

    • Plans are in place to support a wider variety of terminal emulators, whether not meeting or surpassing these requirements (see Planned Features).


The latest stable version can be installed from PyPI using pip:

pip install term-image

The development version can be installed thus: Clone the repository, then navigate into the project directory in a terminal and run:

pip install .

Supported Terminal Emulators

Some terminals emulators that have been tested to meet all major requirements are:

  • libvte-based terminal emulators such as:

    • Gnome Terminal

    • Terminator

    • Tilix

  • Kitty

  • Alacritty

  • Windows Terminal

  • Termux (on Android)

Other terminals that only support 256 colors but meet other requirements include: - xterm, uxterm (256 colors)


If you’ve tested term-img on any other terminal emulator that meets all requirements, please mention the name in a new thread under this discussion.

Also, if you’re having an issue with terminal support, you may report or view information about it in the discussion linked above.

See here for information about terminal colors and a list of potentially supported terminal emulators.


Some terminal emulators support 24-bit color codes but have a 256-color pallete. This will limit color reproduction.