• Why not?

  • To improve and extend the capabilities of CLI and TUI applications.

  • Terminals are here to stay!

What about Windows support?
  • Firstly, only the new Windows Terminal seems to have proper ANSI support and mordern terminal emulator features.

  • The library and CLI-only mode currently work on Windows (i.e using CMD or Powershell) if the other requirements are satisfied but can’t guarantee it’ll always be so.

  • The TUI doesn’t work due to lack of urwid support.

  • If stuck on Windows, you could use WSL + Windows Terminal.

Why are colours not properly reproduced?
  • Some terminals support 24-bit colors but have a 256-color pallete. This limits color reproduction.

Why do images look out-of-scale in my terminal?
  • Simply adjust your font ratio setting appropriately.

Why is the TUI unresponsive or slow in drawing images?
  • Drawing (not rendering) speed is enteirly dependent on the terminal emulator itself.

  • Some terminal emulators block upon input, so rapidly repeated input could cause the terminal to be unresponsive.